What Happened to Fast Logo Friday?

Perhaps you've noticed that it's been a while since we added to our video series called #FastLogoFriday. Is it gone for good?

In early 2020 (strangely, even prior to the pandemic really took a grip on all our lives) we started a video series where every week we designed a logo based on a random weird word. We called it #FastLogoFriday, and it was designed to be a creative exercise to stretch some muscles. Lots of fun ensued. We learned lots, developed some new workflows and techniques, and built a great portfolio of some pretty cool work (if we might say so ourselves).

If you somehow missed these videos, they'll continue to live on YouTube here. In all, we did about 60 episodes over the course of 15 months. Take a peek...we'll wait.

Regular viewers of #FastLogoFriday will have noticed a distinct absence of new episodes of late. A few factors contributed to this decision--not the least of which being that these videos don't speak directly to the needs of our potential clients. They're fun to make, and (at least, we hope!) enjoyable to watch. But for a boutique distillery or a craft brewery, they do little more than show that we can make a logo quickly.

So what's next?

We're planning another series of videos. It might not involve 60 episodes. Or maybe it will! But we're approaching this next chapter more strategically and with a careful plan to reach a specific audience. That's what branding is all about, anyway! No spoilers here, but try to imagine a Doug DeMuro style video about the brands of the craft spirits industry. 

Stay tuned for more details soon!